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Baby Dies from Cocaine Laced Breast Milk

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey, I'm all for breastfeeding. Anyone that reads the Lactivist knows that I'm...well...a lactivist... but there are some instances in which breast milk is NOT the best thing to give your baby.

Like when you're on cocaine.


Ogemaw County prosecutors say the five-month-old girl died after drinking breast milk containing cocaine.

Assistant Prosecutor Scott Williams says she wasn't charged with murder because he believes the death was NOT intentional.

Prosecutors allege the mother used cocaine while she was breast-feeding the child.

The drug was passed on through her breast milk.

Of course the bigger issue here isn't bad breast milk, it's a mom that's on drugs.


  1. Blogger Unknown | 10:44 PM |  

    It's really sad to know that a baby died because of cocaine laced breast milk.In my opinion if you are consuming cocaine then you should be careful about it and no need to breast feed in such situations.



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