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Update on S.C. Breastfeeding Bill

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

From Amanda over at Officially a Mom, Thanks!

The SC Breastfeeding Action Committee is thrilled to announce that H
4347 has sailed through the House on its third reading and is on its way to a Senate Subcommittee. Thank you to everyone for your efforts and we certainly hope that we can count on all of you to contact your Senators and encourage them to support this legislation. Even if you have already contacted them, please consider it again so that the it is fresh on their minds! Following is a link to the Senate's contact


Thanks to all of the families who showed up yesterday for the reading.
We also had a wonderful press conference. Here are some links to the recent press coverage:

http://wspa.com/ (Scroll down under News 7 Video, you'll see Breastfeeding Bill...) http://www.charleston.net/stories/?newsID=70841§ion=stateregion

We will keep you posted on the progression in the Senate. Thanks again for your continued support!

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