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Milk bank fundraising update

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sorry that I've been lax in posting the past few days, updates on why before too long, I promise. ;)

In the meantime, here's a crosspost from Search Engine Guide:

On a whim today I went out to check and see how the Lactivist carcasherdotcom seocontest for charity page was doing in one of the latest SEO contests and noticed that it's moving up the rankings quite nicely. The site is still ranking #1 on MSN and has crept up to #3 on Yahoo and #15 on Google. Right now that keeps the site on track to win the $100 monthly prize for MSN and puts it within reach of the $200 Yahoo prize.

To note again, I'll be donating any winnings directly to the milk banks that the Lactivist site was setup to promote, though I will admit that I wouldn't mind snagging that iPod for the final MSN prize. Any money won during the carcasherdotcom seocontest will be split between my local milk bank and the national milk banking association. If you're interested in helping out, please consider checking out the carcasherdotcom seocontest for babies instructions page and adding a link to your site.

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  1. Blogger K | 6:49 AM |  

    drats -- i have yet to add the links! I'll do so today!

    Way to go!!

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