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Refreshing! It's the Little Things That Mean a Lot

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

As I mentioned a month or so back, my family and I just moved from Columbus, Ohio (population 711,000) to Sunbury, Ohio. (population 2,630) The move has been pretty fantastic in many ways...we have half an acre and live across the street from a river, but we can still walk to the schools, hardware store, town grill, library, etc.. (not to the grocery store though, Sunbury doesn't have a grocery store.)

Anyway, since we're up here, we decided to check out the Vineyard Church that was planted here a few years back. (We've always attended the Vineyard Church of Columbus) We headed there on New Year's Day and absolutely adored it. I won't go into all the details, but I will point out the "little" thing that would have made any Lactivist's day...

In the bullitain along with the typical information on their children's program was the following note:

Nursing Mothers
If you prefer privacy, a room is located off the lobby north of the welcome center for nursing mothers.

Note the wording of that again. If you prefer privacy.

Nice. :) Not a subtly worded "if you are nursing, go hide." Just a helpful, pleasant, "if you'd rather."

I'm going to like this place. :)


  1. Blogger Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... | 7:53 AM |  

    Very nice. Especially nice since it allows a choice, apparently, if a woman really doesn't want to leave the pew or adult Sunday School class or nursery and go there to the nursing mother's room.

    Even "To provide nursing mother's privacy, a room is prepared especially for you and your baby in..." would have been considerate, but more clearly "this is where you nurse your baby in this building."

    I could've used a room like that back when I was nursing our firstborn (now almost 21 years old.) He was a noisy boy! (I now know more about how that wasn't probably efficient...but then I didn't.) :)

  2. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 12:08 PM |  

    You know, I got to thinking a little more about this. I was reading on another blog some comments from a Christian about her thoughts on breastfeeding in church.

    She said that while no one in her church would have given her grief for nursing in a pew, she felt that since no one else was eating in church that it wasn't really appropriate for her to feed her child. She also worried that it might be a bit distracting as well.

    So, she nursed in the foyer where she could still hear the service and welcomed any late-comers in as they arrived.

    I kind of liked that. The church that we attended before moving out of the city had a beautiful lobby that was always bustling with activity. I think I would have nursed there...again, the service was piped in. It's where I went with Nora when she was too young for me to want to take her to the nursery.

    I think it depends on the church though. We wore jeans to church and fit right in and about every fifth person had a cup of coffee or a latte...so I think nursing would have been fine. If I was in a formal cathedral somewhere, I'm not sure I'd be up for it though...ya know?

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