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New! Lactivist Pro-Breastfeeding Shirts for Men

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Had an email last week from a Lactivist reader that wanted to know if I'd had a chance to create any shirts for the dads of breastfeeding babies. While I've always had plenty of shirts that were gender neutral like nip/suck and "my kid's no weaner," I really didn't have any that had been created specifically for dads.

As my reader pointed out, moms need hefty support from dads to be able to pull off breastfeeding, especially when you start to talk about extended breastfeeding, tandem nursing or exclusively pumping.

So, it was time to add some great shirts designed for men with a witty, lactivist attitude. If there's a fabulous man in your life that has a bit of lactivist hiding inside, help him show the world with a shirt that says "I Play with My Baby's Food" or "I Take Turns." We've also got a shirt that asks the question "What do breasts and toy trains have in common?" (You'll have to click through to see the answer on the back of the shirt...) We've also got old favorites like nip/suck and "my baby doesn't like to eat in the bathroom, do you?"


  1. Blogger Carrie Willard | 8:05 AM |  

    Oh Dh would SO wear one of those. LOL!

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