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A Man's View of Breastfeeding

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just now, while talking to my husband, he summed up the convienence of breastfeeding from a man's point of view.

He said...it's like mid-air refueling.

To which I said... "huh?"

"You know...like when an airplane can refuel while it's flying, instead of having to land to get a new tank of gas...it's convienent, they can keep going. Breastfeeding is like that...it's just there...ready...for refueling..."

LOL...leave it to a man to put it so simply.

I ought to get him a "I Play with My Baby's Food" shirt for that one... ;)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:04 AM |  

    After reading this article it brougth me to remember one day that we had to take our son to the naval hospital for I think a check up and prior to being called our sons name she had started breastfeeding. In my spouses country it is normal for a mom to whip them out at start her thing so here is my spouse with son in tow giving him some food when he gets called; she just stands up and continues feeding the baby and walks the hallway while everyone is wondering if she was planning on covering up. I just kept looking at the floor but thought that it was really a funny experience. God bless all mothers that breastfeed.

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