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Breastfeeding Makes Moms More Brave!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ok, this one does NOT fall into the "well duh!" category of research!

According to The Detroit News, some scientists at the National Institutes for Health and Justus-Liebig University in Germany have been conducting research about the effect of the hormone oxytocin on people's reaction to fearful situations. They conducted the study by spraying either oxytocin or a placebo into the nostrils of participants and then recording their fear levels in response to "frightening images." Apparently, the volunteers that had received oxytocin doses registered less fear than the volunteers that received the placebo.

Why does this matter to breastfeeding moms? Because oxytocin is released into the bloodstream when a mother nurses her child. (or pumps...us pumping moms are brave too, honest!) To note, oxytocin is also released into the bloodstream of a laboring mom...which is what helps us survive that process as well.

Now, it's not so much a "duh factor" that breastfeeding makes moms more brave, in fact, I was pretty amazed to read this study. But then I got to thinking about God's amazing design and how well nature takes care of what needs taken care of. That made me realize that breastfeeding moms NEED to be more brave. Here's why:

1.) Breastfeeding is a HUGE commitment, absolutely huge. It takes a shot of courage to commit to breastfeeding your child.

2.) Breastfeeding around anyone other than yourself and your baby can be terrifying. Even with husbands or close family around, many women have a hard time getting past the fear of flashing some nipple around. (On the other hand, some women apparently keep a stash of tassels sitting around for twirlies sake...)

3.) Breastfeeding moms have no way of knowing exactly how much milk their child is getting, so they have to live with the nagging of doctors and well-meaning friends and family that continually ask "are you sure s/he is getting enough to eat?

4.) Breastfeeding moms that dare to venture out in public have to be brave enough to feed their child when their child needs fed, even if that means on a city bus, in the check-out line at Starbucks or while shopping for groceries.

5.) Babies get teeth. 'nuff said.

6.) Many breastfeeding moms have to get up some courage to go out in public wearing a shirt that says "milk jugs" in bold letters across the chest. ;)

So for all you folks that know a wonderful, brave breastfeeding mom, head on over to The Lactivist to check out our collection of hysterical and irreverent breastfeeding shirts and get them a last minute Christmas gift.


  1. Blogger Kristi | 8:25 PM |  

    Love the site!

    Not related to this topic...but could you possibly explore the subject of exclusively pumping as a viable alternative to breastfeeding?

    I had problems getting my daughter to latch when she was born and resorted to becoming my own dairy farm for the past eight months.

    It has been hard, especially because of the lack of good information about the exclusively pumping option.


  2. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 10:27 PM |  

    Actually, working on it. I'm working on getting content put together that goes more in-depth on milk banking and on exclusively pumping since those are the two areas of breastfeeding that are closest to my heart.

    It will take some time though. In the midst of working on PR pitches right now and of trying to finish out the last 5 days of the 30 day project.

    Also closing on a house tomorrow, moving Saturday and spent the entire evening tonight in the ER with my husband. (he's fine now)

    So much content floating in my head...it will get here, I promise... just give me time. ;)

  3. Blogger Unknown | 10:28 AM |  

    Great project! Totally unrelated to this post, I found out about your project through the Search Engine Marketing News, which I'd apparently neglected for twenty days b/c I'm just learning about it.

    Which means I'm just reading about your analytics issue. You seem to have the problem resolved, but I've been using statcounter.com (free) and loove it for many reasons for my blog and website. Now, I also use Google's free one (after getting used to Urchin provided by my web host - very different layouts).

    Keep going!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:35 PM |  

    Amazing what studies they do but I'm not surprised by their findings after reading all of your reasonings. Yes, I feel very, very brave BF sometimes!! Still not brave enough to do it in front of my FIL though :)

    I LOVE all of your shirts. I go to your shop every day and just wish I could buy them all. I can't pick just one. I can dream can't I? I'm hoping I got at least 1 from my xmas list, if not at least after the holidays I'll have money to spend on myself!

  5. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 6:05 PM |  

    LOL...Mama C-Ta, at least if you decide to buy one for yourself, you can use your affiliate link and get 20% back. :)

    I need to actually spend some time next week getting more affiliates...Lots of great mommy blogs out there that might want to use it to earn a buck or two.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:51 AM |  

    Ooh, ooh, I'd put affiliate stuff on my blog!

  7. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 9:30 AM |  

    LOL! Ok...then official call out to all readers...you want to be an affiliate? Drop me an email?

    jennifer at search engine guide dot com

    I'll get images setup for you and send you the code for your site. You just need to sign up at CafePress for the affiliate program.

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